Local Delivery Box
Local Delivery Box

Local Delivery Box

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Local Delivery Only (within 4 miles)

Not available for now...

We've created this box for customers who would like to order online and get local next day delivery.

Order for local delivery- If you're unable to select a delivery method it's because you're outside of the delivery circle.

It's super easy - just order online for local* next day delivery!!!

(*within 5 mile radius of our Ashby Store- PLEASE ONLY ORDER THIS BOX FOR LOCAL DELIVERY)

What's in the box?

8 Cookies, 1 of each of this week's flavours

  • 1 x Cookie Teaser Cookie
  • 1 x What Up Buttercup Cookie
  • 1 x Brownie Batter Cookie
  • 1 x Jammy D Cookie
  • 1 x Big Bang Cookie
  • 1 x Goldie Hawn Cookie
  • 1 x Biscoff Cheesecake Cookie
  • 1 x Gold Digger Cookie

PLUS 2 Bars

  • 1 x Mint Crownie
  • 1 x Stroop Blockie


      No Guarantees ✋ 

      We cannot guarantee that our products are allergen free as we do use most, if not all, allergens in our kitchens.

      Some of our products contain nuts and/or peanuts. We do not recommend any of our products to people with a nut or peanut allergy.

      Some of our cookies, bars, slabs & dough products are not suitable for vegetarians and unless specifically listed on the product - our products are not suitable for Vegans.

      Some of the toppings and ingredients contain artificial colours which may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

      Should you require further information about allergens in our products, please contact us, and if you are not sure please assume not suitable.

      We understand that you may have questions about when you can get your hands on our fabulous cookies 🍪 so we've put together a list of frequently asked delivery questions.

      How much is delivery?

      It's £4.95 for UK delivery - that's per order.

      You can also click & collect for free from our bakery.

      When will I receive my cookies if I order now?

      If you select delivery at the checkout, you'll receive your order this Tuesday to Friday (unless it's a special pre-order with a set date such as Christmas or Valentine's Day).

      • Email or Text the night before, so you know they're on their way
      • Email or Text on the day, with a 1 hour timed delivery slot

      Click & Collect
      If you chose to come collect your cookies from our bakery, there's no extra charge - and your order should be ready on Wednesday (unless it's a special pre-order with a set date such as Christmas or Valentine's Day).

      • Email or Text on Wednesday once it is ready to collect
        (The bakery is open 10am to 4pm on Wednesday for collection)

      Do I need to order a certain amount of cookies?

      Absolutely not, we've made it possible to order however many cookies you'd like on each order - and it's just a single delivery charge. You can order cookies, slabs, bars, merchandise and gifts all on a single order and a single delivery charge! 

      How to order from us

      Online Orders

      Order on a Sunday, delivered Tuesday - Friday that week
      We make stock available on Sunday!

      Orders are sent tracked with Royal Mail so you'll receive texts or emails when we dispatch - plus a timed delivery slot on the day of delivery. 

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      Visit Our Bakery

      You can also come in and buy from our weekly selection at our bakery in Scunthorpe. We're socially distanced & covid-19 secured with all requirements in place to sell safely; keeping our staff and our customers safe is our number 1 priority.

      Open Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm (or sell out).

      The Cookie People

      A futuristic, top of the range semi-automated bakery churning out amazing creations 7 days a wek.