Our Story


We started The Cookie People a few years ago because Toni would “stress bake” and it came a point our house was more cookie than brick!
Home made cookies online

We soon realised we had to do something about the situation, so we decided to attend local farmers markets and foodie events in a bid to bring the ratio back to a normal living condition. 


We decided to stretch our legs from our semi small town and give it full beans into the world and introduce The Cookie People to the internet, and here we are “tadahhhhhh” 
So we bring some delicious gooey cookie products to you lovely people. We have since progressed into supplying various ice cream parlours and into the world of weddings and corporate gifts, for these nice businesses that like to send their customers stuff (we LOVE free stuff)!
At this point - our online sales absolutely exploded and we started selling out our pre-orders in minutes! We decided we needed a bigger bakery and some more cookie people.


And then we decided to open a lovely little bakery in Ashby, Scunthorpe - selling cookies and other baked goods over the counter on a Saturday morning!
Aaaaaaaaanyway we love what we do and we hope you do too!